1-Booking steps:

You do the booking and before you pay you get an email with details NEW BOOKING “Booking #99999” HAS BEEN RECEIVED, then you pay and once we get the money you will receive a new email BOOKING “Booking #99999” HAS CHANGE STATUS To “Accepted”. Wait 2-3 days so the money can arrive and us to process it and send you the booking confirmation, if after that period you didn’t received the booking confirmation please EMAIL us. Once you get the status “Accepted” stay quiet, we will pick you up according to your booking details.

2-What can I do if I lost my booking confirmation?

No worries, EMAIL us and we will send it again.

3-Can I modify my booking?

Yes you can as long as they do not incur in extra charges. Contact our Customer Service as soon as you know the changes in your itinerary. We can only guarantee the changes made up to 24 hours before the transfer.

4-Can I cancel my transfer?

Yes you can, cancellations received with more than 48 hours before the transfer time, will be refunded in full. No refund is paid for cancellations received less than 48 hours before the transfer time. You will receive an email with the cancellation of the booking that you can use to claim the expenses back from your tour operator, airline or travel insurance.

5-Where will be my driver?

In the arrival hall, you will easily see a line of elegant drivers with signs waiting in line, look for the driver holding a sign with your name or TopTransfer logo.

From your accommodation, the driver will wait for you at the reception or outside the building, close to the main entry.

6-Is a real private transfer?

Yes it is, only the number of persons mentioned in the booking will go inside the vehicle. From pick up to drop of location, door to door service, occasionally  the streets can be narrow for buses or cut for traffic, so we will take as closest as possible to your address.

7- What happens if my flight, train, ship is delayed or if my flight is diverted?

Your driver will monitor your flight, once your plane is landed, he will park the car and wait in the arrival hall. More than one hour delay can lead to a transfer reschedule and maybe you have to wait, we will let you know. We will look for a solution always, so you will get a transport.

We can’t monitor trains or cruises yet, driver will wait 30 minutes from the pick up time indicated in your booking, in case of delay, let us know as soon as possible to see if we can reschedule it.

Diverted flights: If your flight is diverted to different airport, you must contact us as soon as possible to let us know at what time the bus or train will arrive to the airport in the booking, then we can reschedule the transfer. Driver will wait 30 minutes from the arrival time you advise to our customer service.

8-Children seats, which one should I choose?

If you need a child seat, please add one of these 3 seats while making your booking.

9-Very nice vehicles in the pictures, will I get one of this?

We only have pictures from our own vehicles, you might be lucky and get a large one by the price of the small one (if we have 4 bookings with the van and your one with car, there is high chances that we make your transfer with the van too, cost and time saving for us, and small price for you), but never you will get a small car. If for whatever reason, you need the car you booked, please let us know by EMAIL.

10- Are there any hidden fees?

No, the prices that appear since the beginning in the web page are final prices and include VAT.


Logic applies, don’t take the car if you are 4 with big bags and handbags/computer bags, you won’t fit, take the van, it will be cheaper, than to pay another vehicle to take your bags, think about it, if you have any doubt contact our Customer Service.

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